Car Painting in Burnley, Lancashire

Operating from Burnley, Lancashire, Paintworx Autobodies offers a broad range of car painting services, including full repainting and custom airbrushing.

Repainting & Restoration Experts

Whether it's a classic car or an accident damaged vehicle, our scratch repair specialists can have it fully restored, repainted and gleaming like new in no time. 

Custom Airbrushing
We have found that there are little or no other car body shops in Burnley that offer custom airbrushing. With our expertise, we are happy to offer this rare service.

When you want any design to be airbrushed onto your paintwork, get in touch with us today. To airbrush paintwork takes a lot of time and skill, but is something that is very unique; from full panels to fuel caps, Paintworx Autobodies will airbrush any design you desire onto your paintwork.

Airbrushing, Car Painting in Burnley, Lancashire

Car Body Polishing

We offer professional car body polishing services for times when your paintwork is in need of a little restoration when it has a few light scratches. At Paintworx Autobodies, we'll machine polish your car's paintwork, reviving it and leaving a mirror shine. Your car will look like it's in showroom condition.

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